The Fatty Bao

The Fatty Bao

Izakaya & Noodleshop

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Mumbai, India
6,000 sqft.

New Delhi, India
5,000 sqft.

Chennai, India
2,500 sqft.

Bangalore, India
3,500 sqft.

Kolkata, India
4,000 sqft.


Design Boom
June 2018

Home Trends
August 2019

BOB Magazine
October 2018

The Fatty Bao
The Fatty Bao
The Fatty Bao
The Fatty Bao
The Fatty Bao

Asia Modern

Built around the concept of an Izakaya and Noodle Shop, the interiors for The Fatty Bao are in keeping with the characteristic small outfits that dot Asian skylines, serving as food lifelines to these bustling cities. From Asian themed lamps, artefacts and paintings to life-size murals and floor-based POP designs, we are proud of creating a space that is slowly becoming a gastronomic epicenter in the world of quality dining.